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Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Every March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (DDAM) when the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (NACDD) and its partners work together to showcase how people with and without disabilities unite
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March is the 50th Anniversary of the Senior Nutrition Program

Beginning in 1972, the National Senior Nutrition Program has promoted nutrition-based programs and services for aging adults across the U.S. Nutrition for seniors has been instrumental in furthering quality of
image is of a soccer ball on a green field
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Capital FC Creates Soccer Program for Kids and Young Adults with Disabilities

Around 18% of students in the Salem, Oregon school district have a disability. almost 1 in 5 – not a small number. Opportunities for inclusion in typical activities such as
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Where is Cognitopia? Visual Challenge #5

Find all 6 of these logos in the photo below. Warning: They are different colors! What number when multiplied times two equals 10? That would be 5. Thus, here is
image shows the display of neurodivergence related books at Powell's books in Portland Oregon
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Powell’s Books Showcasing Neurodivergent Stories and Texts

Powell’s Books, the long-standing bastion of the printed word in Portland, Oregon, always seems to be on the right path. Powell’s latest move to create a new display of stories
this is an image that says GOALS on it
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Routine: Tips for Setting and Achieving Goals

It may be early February with the advent of the new year fading a bit, but setting goals for oneself is never out of date. And right here in Cognitopia’s
thumbnail image showing video screenshot for Meet Jen video in article on MyLife tools and effectiveness for autism support
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New Video: Cognitopia MyLife Digital Portfolio Helps Tell Child’s Story

If you are the primary caregiver for a neurodiverse child, you understand how tiring and frustrating it can be to tell their story over and over again. Cognitopia My Life
picture shows the 171-unit housing project CVS is helping fund in Austin, Texas.
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CVS Funds New Housing for People with Disabilities

CVS is a champion of people with developmental disabilities (DD), those at risk of becoming homeless, Through their Workforce Initiatives effort, CVS Health has established itself a leader in diversity and equity