Where’s Cognitopia? Visual Challenge #4

thumbnail image showing the blog post of the 4th installment of the where's cognitopia visual challenge

Some say, “the third time’s the charm,” but I say it’s the 4th! Thus, here is the fourth release in our series of visual challenges where your task is to find hidden Cognitopia logos. And as noted in prior challenges, the goal is simple…try to find each of the (6) Cognitopia logos hidden in the below winter picture. To make … Read More

Where’s Cognitopia? Holiday Visual Challenge #3

thumbnail image for Visual Challenge #3 Where's Cognitopia Logos Winter holiday-themed

The holidays are upon us and what better time to test, once again, your “Where’s Cognitopia?” skills on a holiday-themed tree! If this is your first try with one of our visual challenges, the goal is simple. Try to find each of the (6) Cognitopia logos hidden in the picture. Each logo is a different color, allowing it to blend … Read More

Joke of the Day For Connection and Light

picture shows Amy Jordan of SLLEA displaying the Joke of the Day

Keeping things fun and light is key to dealing with life’s many twists and turns. Heck, without levity, many of us might wallow in the negative and miss the lighter side. Haling originally from Tennessee, enter Amy Jordan. Amy moved to her new home in South Eugene, Oregon back in the spring of 2020 when COVID-19 had a stranglehold on … Read More

Halloween Recipe #3: Spooky Brownies

this picture shows Spooky Brownies, the result of a step-by-step recipe featured on Cognitopia.com's blog for Halloween

Certainly the Ice Cream Sandwich Ghosts we posted last week were fun. So let’s keep the fun rolling here with our final installment of Halloween recipes! This week it’s “Spooky Brownies.” Here again, it’s all about creativity. You can decorate your brownies however you want to, mixing and adding colors, making different, fun shapes. Let your ideas go wild! I’ve … Read More