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Think College Model Seeds Transition Opportunities for Inclusive Post-Secondary Education

We are pleased to have just exhibited at SOTA 2021 where so many of the great Think College programs participated. Think College, based at the Institute for Community Inclusion, University of Massachusetts Boston, is a
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Where’s Cognitopia? Visual Challenge #2

Find all 5 of these logos in the photo below. Warning: They are different colors! Test your “Where’s Waldo” skills here again with our once a month visual challenge. This
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Innovative Technology to Increase Confidence & Student Success: New Tool for Social and Emotional Learning

Amidst the minefield of potentially harmful, social media apps that have so many young people trying to simply keep up by looking cool, there are some amazing online tools that
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SOTA 2021

Cognitopia is excited to exhibit at the State of the Art 2021 (SOTA), an innovative conference focused on inclusive post secondary education for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).
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National Diabetes Month

Type 2 Diabetes is a killer that affects 1 in 10 Americans, 34 million overall, with a prevalence 1.5x higher for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Many people
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Joke of the Day For Connection and Light

Keeping things fun and light is key to dealing with life’s many twists and turns. Heck, without levity, many of us might wallow in the negative and miss the lighter
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Halloween Recipe #3: Spooky Brownies

Certainly the Ice Cream Sandwich Ghosts we posted last week were fun. So let’s keep the fun rolling here with our final installment of Halloween recipes! This week it’s “Spooky
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Halloween Recipe #2: Ice Cream Sandwich Ghosts

Well, if you enjoyed making the Witches Broomsticks last week, you’re in for an even sweeter treat this time around. Yes, ice cream is sooo good…so any excuse to work