Halloween Recipe #1: Witches Broomsticks

With Halloween fast approaching there is a certain chill in the air. Indeed it’s getting colder outside, but the chill I’m referring to is that of ghosts, ghouls and witches! So, to keep them happy, and any of your guests who might be coming over for Halloween-style activities, check out this first-in-a-series of Halloween-themed recipes. These are very EASY and FUN to do. Kids and adults can enjoy! Scan the QR code down below (or click the link) to view and interact with the Step-by-step recipe.

Scan this QR Code or click this link for an interactive, step-by-step recipe to make Witches Broomsticks, complete with mini-videos.

Watch for another Halloween-themed recipe next week! We’ll add one each week leading up to Halloween night! Enjoy!

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