Where’s Cognitopia? Visual Challenge #1

Find all 5 of these in the photo below.

Test your “Where’s Waldo” skills with our once a month visual challenge. Try to find each Cognitopia logo in this beautiful seascape picture…there are a total of 5 logo symbols. Each logo is a different color, allowing it to blend into the background better. Use the helpful hints if needed, or change the difficulty level to easier if things are proving a bit too much. See how long it takes to find all 5 and challenge your friends!

At the right is the symbol you’ll be looking for, which will be a good bit smaller (as in about 1/10th), and certainly different colors:

Find all (5) Cognitopia logos in this beautiful seascape. Image Courtesy: Saipan Media, Unsplash.com

So how long did it take you to find all 5?

If this is proving tough, try some of our hints below. There is also an EASIER version of the puzzle that has the logos a bit less hidden. NOTE: These hints work for both the HARDER and EASIER versions of the puzzle.

When I think of a bullseye, I think of the center. But when I’m just off the right of a big rock, in a pool, well that’s all the better. 

The deep blue is a great place to dive and sometimes Cognitopia logos thrive! 

Not always wet, and not always green, sometimes a Cognitopia wants to be rocky and extreme!

Some of the prettiest water on the planet is in the tropics…and when you find a nice, very light blue pool, well, treasures can be found! 

Like #3, not everything is wet. Sometimes green foliage is the best! 

If too tough overall, try switching skill levels to EASIER (button below).

The Cognitopia logos are easier to find in this version ;). Good luck!

Want to see the solution? Click the below button:

Here are all of the hidden logos!!! How was it for you?

Well, we hope you had fun finding the Cognitopia logos in this first run of our series of visual challenges. Look for the next installment soon…and be ready to challenge yourself and or your friends!

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