Where’s Cognitopia? Holiday Visual Challenge #3

thumbnail image for Visual Challenge #3 Where's Cognitopia Logos Winter holiday-themed

The holidays are upon us and what better time to test, once again, your “Where’s Cognitopia?” skills on a holiday-themed tree! If this is your first try with one of our visual challenges, the goal is simple. Try to find each of the (6) Cognitopia logos hidden in the picture. Each logo is a different color, allowing it to blend … Read More

Celebrating Dr. Margaret Giannini

an image of Dr. Margaret Giannini with a quote about her dedication to people with disabilities.

We here at Cognitopia mourn the passing of the first director of NIDILRR (formerly NIDRR). Margaret Giannini was a pioneer and champion for people with disabilities well before there was support or acceptance, and long after. In fact, just a week before she died she was lobbying Congress to create a federal holiday for people with disabilities. A true inspiration … Read More